Japanese cherry blossom – people from all over the world visit Japan to catch a glimpse of them –

Hello, my name is Nana! I’m a student from the Netherlands with a passion for photography, currently doing an internship at Bulanco. It has been 6 weeks since I arrived in Fukuoka and I have enjoyed myself very much.

I often saw pictures and heard a lot about the cherry blossom season when I was in the Netherlands, but I have only recently had the privilege to view them in person.The beauty of having a pink cloud above my head when walking and looking around is wonderful.
What I especially enjoy, is seeing both the Japanese and non-Japanese people be in love with the cherry blossoms. Everyone stops and takes pictures with the trees and the flowers.
It’s nice to see that these flowered trees bring a smile to everyone’s face.

I was recommended to go view the cherry blossoms at Maizuru Park and Fukuoka Castle ruins. I had visited the park and the castle ruins a few weeks ago, before the trees even started blooming.
The Castle ruins seemed very gloomy at that time,however when I went back 2 days ago it was in full bloom. The amount of people being there made it more lively and magical.

The castle ruins does live up to its name. When seeing the castle from the waterside,
it looks big and intimidating, you are left with the feeling of wanting to see more, but
the rest of the castle is left up to your own imagination.

Walking up to the castle ruins a few weeks ago, I noticed the trees on both sides of
the pathway lacking any vibrant color or spring feeling. Looming over the wall in front
of me however, was the castle ruin. This construction was built around 1600 and was
able to maintain its grace and beauty. By getting closer I could admire it even more.
The shape of the castle and the size of the sturdy gates left me in awe. The color
combination and the symmetry that were part of the castle were visually pleasing and
in the sunshine the character of the castle shone even brighter.

With the cherry blossoms, the castle looked magical and welcoming being lit up at
night. The site was full of photographers trying to snap a few pictures of the view and
people trying to commemorate their days with a picture of themselves among the
cherry blossom.

Each year people from all over the world travel to Japan to catch a glimpse of them.
They have brought smiles and laughter to anyone who has come in contact with them.
Having experienced the cherry blossoms myself, I find them even more magical. I
want to plant one in my backyard in the Netherlands.

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