Fukuoka Financial Group RPA Project

For the promotion of the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) project of Fukuoka Financial Group affiliates Fukuoka Bank,
Kumamoto Bank and Shinwa Bank, we designed Internal website and chat tool.
To convey to users the convenience of RPA, which reforms workflows and business efficiency,
we designed with “Convenient, efficient, simple, and fun!” As a project concept.
We included a robot who illustrates the “fun” that is often easy to forget at work.
The robot’s expressions make him feel like a dependable, familiar friend.
The website’s futuristic design conveys the advanced nature and future potential of RPA.
We developed the chat tool to replace telephone correspondence and increase the efficiency of communication between development departments. We also introduced a chat bot to accumulate and utilize know-how.
The chat bot was developed jointly with Fusic Inc.

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