We designed the tools of recruit site for JR KYUSHU DRUG ELEVEN corporation.
We made impressive main image that are the visuals using contrast intensified pictures of 10 representative staffs and
the copy for appealing to students seeking work.
That are for securing the people who has high quality talent for the future of the company.
We express to design the silhouette of one of the representative using corporate image color red.
It is because the students make it easy to image “ I may be able to join this member in the future”.
The web site focuses on people and enhances interviews.
That’s because it tells the customer that professionals of various professions support the company.
The web site shows “person” who is active at the forefront and the “job” . By doing so the students can deepen their understanding about the company and they are easy to have a image of when they are working at the company.

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