We designed a logo, a website and tools for “Sumurie Inc.” that is letting agent in Fukuoka.

We designed the logo in motif of a house

because it is easy to understand for customer “Sumurie Inc.” is letting agent.

The bottom right margin is associated with an entrance

which can move in and out of freely.

A free word search box was laid out big in the website

because we had the thought that we want you to look for a house

so that specialized knowledge might ask a sommelier about recommendation of wine.

In order to attract user’s interest, it is designed by yellow color and pictures of larger size

with thought to have you feel the warmth due to the hand of the person.

We chose a stamp to print logo mark and company information

on an envelop and the real estate information journal with the warmth by the hand of the person.

A ink squeeze out by stamp create a warm atmosphere.

The business card made the processing that the part of the logo swelled with a clear coat to impress

with other ones’ being a real estate with different.

  • po_sumulie_logo
  • po_sumulie_top
  • po_sumulie_photo
  • po_sumulie_lifestyle
  • po_sumulie_stamp2
  • po_sumulie_card

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