We designed a logo, a website and tools for Mitsufuji Corporation.
They have been working on the development, manufacture and sale of silver-plated fiber “AGposs®”
and distribution of wearable IoT products.

The logo makes only “j” lowercase because that explain
“Send the value that is only mitsufuji can provide to the world.”
“Fuji” that is means the same one doesn’t exist with two expresses the only one.
In order to grow as an international company regardless of domestic and overseas,
in order not to forget its origins, it also put its meaning into “j” in Japan’s initials.

A corporate site imagines the feel of a material which is the mineral matter silver
has and unifies the color taste of the whole by achromatic color.
We expressed a feeling of tip that exploited the field of technology including IoT
by greatly placing each product freely, and gathering it.

The tool is simple and has a refined image by taking the blank enough.
We process silver foil push into a part becoming the point including the logo mark
and it is impresses it with an image of the silver fiber casually.

  • MITSUFUJI_logo
  • logomanual2
  • mitsufuji_top
  • mitsufuji_about
  • mitsufuji_product
  • 170201mitsufuji_tool4

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