Fukuoka City Sewage and Sanitation Bureau Brochure

In order to construct the Zasshonokuma 6th main rain watercourse for the Construction department of Fukuoka City Road Sewerage Bureau, we helped FujitaJV Construction company inform neighbors around the area how safely and necessary the construction is by creating brochures for both adults and children and a wall decal.

In the brochure for adults, we used illustrations to explain the process of the construction to show its importance and get understanding from people in a wide range of ages.

Also, we made different style of brochure for kids. It is a popup book to raise their interests to learn the content and role of The Road Sewerage Bureau.

For a construction wall, we put a decal that has a positive impression on it to avoid giving people negative feeling about the construction.

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  • IMGP7701
  • 子供用パンフレット1
  • IMGP7706
  • 大人用パンフレット1
  • 下水道壁画

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